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Kili view and safaris why Tanzania perfect

                                            OUR STORY

Our story Kili view and safaris is a brand East African, Travel Agency and Tour Operator Tanzania-East Africa. Our company is located in Arusha, the tourist city of the country.Kili view and safaris  feels proud to provide superior service to all our customers, and we manage all services necessary to operate and organize all the packages offered, cars, minibuses, equipment, office-qualified staff, specialized assistants and guides professionals.

The passion we have for Tanzania helps us to create for you some of the most memorable travel experiences of this wonderful country, which will satisfy the particular interests of each traveler. We gladly work to transform your dream vacation into an exciting reality.

Whether you are looking for a trip to Tanzania that includes a hike to Mount Kilimanjaro & Mount Meru or just a relaxing family vacation, it is our mission to Kili view and safaris work with you to create your trip to Tanzania. We welcome all types of customers with special travel interests, economic and Premium.
Our excellent service always searches at any time and satisfy all customers throughout Tanzania and East Africa. All Kili view and safaris packages have been prepared by our travel consultants with experience and knowledge, our company Kili view and safaris is based on all different categories of hotels.


Our company has experience in organizing trips to different tastes, ages and requirements, experience that distinguishes us and makes us different from others providing quality service to meet your needs for knowledge, adventure and relaxation with a trained, enthusiastic and professional staff.
Our company already knows how manage customized trips to meet our customers, while they are sharing culture, adventure and relaxation in all the wonders that East Africa’s National Parks. We have the necessary experience in handling groups and we know the need for customers to know the places differently. It is the reason why the company works to meet the needs of travelers looking for new experiences.

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