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Luxury Tanzania safaris

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Luxury Tanzania Safari Price Accommodation on Mid-range safaris is in Lodges and sometimes Tented Camps.  The approximate price range of this accommodation is U$D 100-199 per person, per night.
All your food is provided by the lodge.

Lodges are full-service facilities with private rooms or cottages with private bathrooms and have restaurants and lounges. Some have swimming pools. Many lodges are architecturally stunning made with local materials and inspired by local designs and the environment.

Tented camps are permanent or semi-permanent camps sited in areas of excellent game viewing. These provide many of the comforts of a lodge within private spacious canvas tents on a solid permanent base with beds and private baths, and high-quality meals. Tented camps are more intimate than lodges as they generally accommodate 12 to 20 guests.



3 Days Safari 2 night – Tarangire & Ngorongoro

1 PersonUSD 1400 Per Person
2 PersonUSD 915 Per Person
3 PersonUSD 715 Per Person
4 Person up to 6USD 625 Per Person


4 Days Safari 3 Night: Tarangire, Lake Manyara , Ngorongoro

1 PersonUSD 1825 Per Person
2 PersonUSD 1185 Per Person
3 PersonUSD 985 Per Person
4 Person up to 6USD 875 Per Person


5 Days Safari 4 Nights: Tarangire, Serengeti, Ngorongoro

1 Person2450 Per Person
2 Person1685 Per Person
3 Person1455 Per Person
4 Person up to 61340 Per Person


6 Days Safari 5 Nights: Tarangire, Serengeti 2 nights , Ngorongoro

1 PersonUSD 2945 Per Person
2 PersonUSD 2130 Per Person
3 PersonUSD 1905 Per Person
4 Person up to 6USD 1730 Per Person


7 days Safari 5 Nights: Tarangire, Serengeti 2 nights , Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara

1 PersonUSD 3585 Per Person
2 PersonUSD 2470 Per Person
3 PersonUSD 2235 Per Person
4 Person up to 6USD 2015 Per Person


8 Day Ndutu Calving season Serengeti Migration from January to April Midrange Safari

1 PersonUSD 4235 Per Person
2 PersonUSD 3030 Per Person
3 PersonUSD 2785 Per Person
4 Person up to 6USD 2525 Per Person


10 days great wildebeest Mara river crossing from August to October

1 Person4935 Per Person
2 Person3395 Per Person
3 Person3190 Per Person
4 Person up to 62915 Per Person

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